G2 The Steelworks, Foley Street, Dublin, D01 KP03, Ireland

One Three North


Acoustic Consultancy, TGD-E Compliance & Sound Insulation Testing

Key issues:

The project was constructed from a lightweight steel frame structure which provided design challenges to ensure TGD-E compliance.

Tenant amenity spaces separating to the apartments provided a key design challenge to mitigate noise from tenant activities to adequate noise levels in adjoining apartments.

Project Description:

Amplitude Acoustics are providing TGD-E ancillary certification, acoustic consultancy and sound insulation testing on this milestone project. The development includes 372 residential units in what will be a purpose built private residential sector (PRS) project called One Three North. The project also includes tenant amenity spaces including a gym, cinema room, games room, remote working offices & general tenant amenity space.



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