G2 The Steelworks, Foley Street, Dublin, D01 KP03, Ireland


Amplitude Acoustics provide a range of vibration design, mitigation and measures services. We offer a range of services in this field.

  • Construction vibration management plans and measurements of construction impacts on adjacent uses
  • Long-term construction vibration monitoring; including automated SMS/email alerts when target levels are exceeded
  • Design advice for vibration sensitive facilities; including Electron Microscope/Nanotechnology centres
  • Attended and long-term unattended vibration monitoring
  • Blasting vibration prediction, measurement and assessment
  • Design and control of vibration in data centres
  • Control of vibration in marine vessels
  • Vibration assessments for road and rail corridors
  • Piling assessments and measurements
  • Control of vibration from mechanical plant
  • Static and dynamic bridge load testing including the measurement of strain, displacement, acceleration, tilt and temperature
  • Temporary or long-term structural monitoring systems, real-time and online
  • Diagnostic engineering utilising advanced measurement techniques including experimental modal analysis
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