G2 The Steelworks, Foley Street, Dublin, D01 KP03, Ireland

Amplitude Acoustics offer a range of noise and vibration monitoring services tailored to specific applications including:

  • Wireless (GSM Network) cloud-access Noise and Vibration Monitoring
  • Construction Noise and Vibration Monitoring
  • Industrial Facilities Permanent Noise Monitors
  • Permanent Aircraft Noise Monitors
  • Permanent Wind Turbine Noise Monitors
  • Infrastructure – Road and Rail Noise and Vibration Monitoring, both construction and operational
  • Range of powering options available - permanent mains connection, multiple battery packs for periodic charge-and-replace, integrated Solar Power
  • Range of systems available from easy-to-understand construction noise monitors with simple online interface to fully featured systems with complex analysis functions and ability to integrate noise/vibration/dust/weather monitoring in single point of access
  • We can source and supply specialist data acquisition systems for long term monitoring of a wide range of environmental and engineering parameters
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