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Environmental Noise

Amplitude Acoustics are experts in environmental noise survey, noise assessments and noise predication modelling. Having conducted assessments on a range of facilities from dairy plants to shooting ranges, airports and wind farms, the team has the skills to provide any facility with an understanding noise impacts whilst also providing guidance and practical solutions to remedy any environmental noise problem.

Services in this category we commonly provide to the industrial and commercial section include:

  • Noise Impact Assessment
  • EIAR Noise Chapters
  • Entertainment Noise Impact Assessments
  • Noise Complaint Investigations in accordance with BS4142
  • Wind Farm Assessment
  • Noise Intrusion assessments in response to RFIs in areas with high ambient noise levels such as adjacent to a motorway

Amplitude Acoustics staff have the skills and experience necessary to carry out full environmental noise impact assessments with regards to the relevant standards and guidelines, including:

  • EPA Guidance Note For Noise (NG4)
  • ISO 1996: Acoustics Description and Measurement of Environmental Noise, and
  • BS 4142:2014 Methods for rating and assessing industrial and commercial sound.
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