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Amplitude Acoustics - Designing for better acoustics Webinar Series

March 24, 2020

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Amplitude Acoustics are delighted to be providing the “Designing for Better Acoustics” webinar for the Irish Green Building Council Better Homes Webinar Series. The webinar series will focus on the “Environmental, Health and Wellbeing, and Economic impacts of new housing. The webinars are intended to assist designers who are considering certification under Home Performance Index. Get up to speed on best practice without leaving your desk.” The acoustics webinar will focus on:

- Fundamentals of Sound

- Requirements of Building Regulations 2014 (TGD – E Sound) and Home Performance Index

- Sound Insulation Testing

- Example Constructions

- Good and Bad Practice

The webinar will be provided by Amplitude Acoustics Associate Director James Cousins. James specializes in Architectural and Environmental Acoustics, with expertise in a variety of areas including environmental noise, planning, vibration isolation and design, building acoustics design and transportation noise. James combines his technical background in engineering and acoustics with extensive hands-on experience and effective communication skills to provide practical bespoke solutions to complex acoustic issues. He has experience working on numerous milestone projects in the UK and Ireland. James is a member of the Engineers Ireland, Institute of Acoustics and a current SITRI committee member.

The webinars are provided free of charge more information and bookings can be completed through the IGBC Website here https://www.igbc.ie/events/green-homes-webinar-series.

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