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Dr Emmet English

As Director of Amplitude Acoustics Ireland, Emmet has over 18 years of experience as a professional acoustic consultant with experience on significant projects in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australia, the Middle East and the USA. Emmet specialises in acoustics and vibration, with expertise in a variety of areas including environmental noise, vibration isolation and design, building acoustics design and transportation noise. He is a member of Engineers Ireland, the Institute of Acoustics and is a former committee member of the Australian Acoustical Society. Emmet has a strong technical understanding of acoustics and combined with his experiences provides clear, straight forward and practical solutions to potentially complex noise and vibration problems.


Dominic Parkinson

Dominic has over 18 years’ experience as an acoustic consultant, he has worked on a number of significant projects in Ireland, UK, Middle East and Asia. In that time, he has gained extensive understanding of both Environmental and Building Acoustics. His experience includes working with clients and project design teams from the inception of the project to completion. Dominic has extensive experience in the building acoustic field working on a variety of projects in the Office, Commercial, Hotel, Residential and Leisure industries. These assessments include comprehensive noise surveys, sound insulation prediction and testing, room acoustic prediction and detailed noise modelling. Dominic is a member of the Institute of Acoustics and current SITRI committee member.


Miguel Cartuyvels

Miguel is a Graduate Acoustic Consultant at Amplitude Acoustics. With a background in industrial engineering, Miguel has previous experience in project management in a number of areas including commercial and residential construction. Miguel combines his technical background with an analytical approach to provide support to the Team.


Stephen McDonagh

Stephen is an Acoustic Technician at Amplitude Acoustics. With a background in audio engineering, Stephen also has previous experience in the area of environmental noise and building acoustics having worked on projects in a number of areas including commercial and residential developments, education and entertainment. Stephen combines his practical skillset & knowledge of building acoustics to provide support to the team at Amplitude.


Tracey Matthews

Tracey has over 15 year’s experience in office administration and has a strong performance record in high volume, high pressure environments. As Amplitudes Acoustics Office Manager, Tracey is responsible for providing efficient and effective support to our director and acoustic consultants while using her organisational skills to ensure smooth operations of our offices.

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