Introducing the Night-Time Economy Noise Mitigation Grant Scheme (NMGS 2023), a progressive initiative by the Irish government to address noise pollution challenges in the night-time economy. To ensure the success of this scheme, Amplitude Acoustics, a leading Acoustic Consultancy, proudly offers its extensive expertise in assessing the noise impact of Clubs, Pubs, and Music Venues.

As part of the NMGS 2023, eligible establishments in the night-time economy sector can now take advantage of specialized funding opportunities to implement noise reduction initiatives. The grant scheme aims to foster a harmonious coexistence between vibrant nightlife venues and neighboring residential communities. By investing in noise mitigation measures, businesses can ensure compliance with specific noise level standards and, in turn, reduce potential noise-related complaints from residents.

Amplitude Acoustics, with its proven track record in conducting assessments of noise impact, will play a crucial role in assisting applicants. Our experienced team of Acoustic Consultants will provide the required ‘Acoustic Consultants’ report, an essential component of the grant submission process. This report will outline customized noise mitigation recommendations tailored to the unique characteristics of each establishment, ensuring an effective reduction of noise emissions.

The NMGS 2023 offers an exceptional opportunity for night-time economy businesses to demonstrate their commitment to responsible operations and community-friendly practices. By availing themselves of Amplitude Acoustics’ expertise and guidance, applicants can enhance their reputation as reliable Acoustic Consultants, dedicated to enriching the overall well-being of the communities they serve.

If you’re planning to submit a grant application for the Night-Time Economy Noise Mitigation Grant Scheme (NMGS 2023) and need expert advice and support from Acoustic Consultants, Amplitude Acoustics is here to assist you. Reach out to us at, and together, we can create a more peaceful and enjoyable night-time environment that benefits all stakeholders involved. Let us collaborate to build a thriving and sustainable night-time economy, where businesses flourish while respecting the needs of local residents.

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