Noise Impact Assessments

Comprehensive Environmental Noise Impact Assessments

Evaluate and Mitigate Noise Pollution for Sustainable Development

Noise Impact Assessments (NIAs) help you understand, manage, and reduce noise pollution associated with your projects. Noise Impact Assessments are a common requirement as part of the planning process for any proposed development that either have

  1. the potential to create excessive noise are nearby noise sensitive location, or
  2. are introducing noise sensitive receptors to an existing high noise environment.

Depending on the project the noise impact assessment may be a standalone report in response to a further information request from the local authority, or for larger development that requires an Environmental Impact Assessment Report [EIAR] take the form of a Noise Chapter within the EIAR.

Our Environmental Noise Impact Assessment Process

  1. Initial Consultation: Understand your project requirements and the scope of the assessment.
  2. On-Site Noise Measurement: Conduct thorough noise surveys at various locations and times using precision sound level meters.
  3. Data Analysis and Predictive Noise Modelling: Analyse the collected noise data and predict the potential noise impact on the surrounding environment.
  4. Reporting: Provide a comprehensive report detailing the findings, potential impacts, and recommended mitigation measures.
  5. Mitigation Strategies: Offer practical solutions and guidance to manage and reduce noise levels effectively.
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Our Experience

As one of the leading acoustic consultancies in Ireland, Amplitude have extensive experience in Noise Impact Assessments across a range of industries including

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